Line Management Systems

Modern software for data processing for industrial production

The OPAL software solution, developed by Optima serves to evaluate the performance of installed machines, as well as any possible errors, and to  identify potential for improvment. In addition, the OEE and alarms are evaluated and comprehensive as well as batch related reports are generated. At the same time OPAL enables the documenting of production data and occurrences such as operator intervention, malfunctions, material changes and repairs. Orders can be planned chronologically and be assigned to the associated machines. OPAL can communicate with other typically used data processing systems, for example ERP software such as SAP.
OPAL enables you to increase the performance of your installed lines and to recognize possible weak points. Using OPAL identify your potential for optimization and also receive a comprehensive document detailing your production data.
OPAL - Line Management Systems
Your advantages
  • Connection between the parent ERP system and the lines and plants of different manufacturers
  • Saving of paper and working hours
  • Increasing efficiency through analysis of vulnerabilities in the production process
  • Error prevention and minimization
  • Identification of potential for optimization
  • Long-term / comprehensive recording of production data
Enables you to increase the performance of your installed lines and to recognize possible weak points. Using OPAL you identify your potential for optimization and also receive a comprehensive document detailing your production data.


  • Order and Batch Scheduling
  • Master Recipe Management
  • Interfaces to high level ERP systems
  • Data tracking
  • Background mode


  • Workflow integration by operator guidance
  • User Management
  • Recording of operator inventions
  • Implementation of operator instructions
  • Audit Trail of critical values


  • Electronic reporting
  • Standard reports and OEE reports
  • Automatic report creation
  • Customized reports