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MultiUse Solutions for Syringes, Vials and Cartridges
The MultiUse platform is an innovative machine solution focused on maximum flexibility for the processing of ready to use vials, syringes and cartridges. A high degree of automation, robotic technology and a state-of-the-art transport system enables agile pharmaceutical manufacturing and provides ultimate flexibility to all market and production demands.

Sensitive pharmaceutical products often need to be freeze dried to extend shelf life. Optima Pharma provides solutions for all requirements, from hightech pilot plants to high efficiency production plants for vials, syringes and ampoules as single units or in bulk. Freeze drying units can be installed, tested and operated under real conditions at Optima Pharma, saving time and money for qualification (IQ/OQ) and final site installation (SAT).

DECOpulse® System
Decontamination times can be reduced even further with the new technology known as DECOpulse®. The new process halves the duration of the overall decontamination cycle and, by using less H2O2, reduces the exposure of materials, active ingredients, and products to H2O2. The new process is based on the atomization of H2O2, which produces a particularly fine spray mist.

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