COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Dear Sir or Madam,
Unfortunately, the current situation and the resulting effects and measures worldwide are changing rapidly. For this reason, we are working on the best possible handling of the constantly changing conditions in all areas of the Optima Group.
According to the information currently available to us, the situation remains tense and we will do everything in our power to handle and secure projects and deliveries in the best possible way. Management is in constant contact with the specially founded task force team and is constantly re-evaluating the situation according to the latest information. We will do everything in our power to continue to serve you as well as possible and provide the necessary service. 
Since the current situation can unfortunately only be evaluated at very short notice, and the extent of the entire situation is difficult to estimate, potential delivery delays cannot be anticipated at this time.
Optima Materials Management, the assembly and all other departments are working on solutions to compensate for the current situation as best as possible and to avoid serious delays. This will partly be achieved through overtime.
In the meantime, some of our employees are working in home office. This enables us to secure the processes and minimize the risks. In order to contain any further spread, the highest hygiene and safety standards apply in our areas. Visitors are currently only received in exceptional cases after consultation and approval through management. Body temperature is measured for all persons entering the building. Persons with suspected cases or infections are immediately send to domestic isolation. Contact persons are identified as quickly as possible and are also sent home. These and many further measures are intended to help contain the Corona Pandemic.
  • A task force team, which is in regular contact with the management as well as with the responsible health authority, has been implemented.
  • Our company doctor is involved.
  • The number of hand disinfection points was increased at our locations. Door handles and other contact surfaces are constantly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Employees have been and will be informed of the official applicable rules of preventive measures (wash hands, keep your distance, etc.).
  • A freely accessible online portal has been created for employees and partners, on which the latest news is published continuously.
  • The same information is provided in our intranet via a link to the portal.
  • Suspected cases are treated individually according to the specifications of the official authorities and, for safety reasons, asked to work from home.
  • The possibilities for mobile working have generally been increased and are offered accordingly (by additionally procured company laptops and release of working with private devices).
  • Restrictions on travel have been implemented.
  • Visitors will only be received in individual cases, which must be agreed upon with management. Before admission, a questionnaire is completed and a non-contact measurement of body temperature is taken.
  • All employees are asked to take a daily temperature reading before starting work and are required to contact their family doctor immediately in the event of symptoms and to refrain from coming to work until a diagnosis has been made.