Pouch Packaging with OptiPouch System

Flexibility of your production for spouted pouches

Wide portfolio of qualified film materials available

Inductive dosing system for different liquids

Broad range of pouch sizes from 50 - 1500ml
Product Circle - System Offers Flexibility
Various pouch types available 
  • side gusset
  • bottom gusset
  • center sealed spout
  • corner sealed spout
Several closure designs and additional features possible 
  • standard
  • anti-choke
  • no-spill
  • customized, dosing

Optimize your manufacturing costs

  • Improved operator efficiencies
  • Reduction of packaging and product waste
  • Reduce handling and reduce warehouse space

Optimize your flexibility

  • Freedom to design pouch to market needs:
    shape, material or size 
  • Product change-over on the fly, quick and no down-time

Optimize your manufacturing footprint

  • Increased output per M²
  • Increase your OEE

Optimize your risk management

  • Security due to prefabricated and proved pouches
  • Guaranteed quality from reliable partners
  • Ease of doing business with one point of contact
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Advantages of OptiPouch System

Facts that excite and benefits in transporting

Technical details and highlights

  • Up to 600 pouches/min
  • High output filling system
  • Compact machine design
  • Hygienic Design
  • Output two to three times higher than with existing technology
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Quick change-over
  • No format parts
  • Minimal operator ​interference
Benefits in Transporting
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A partnership that offers you entirely new opportunities

OptiPouch System - is a cooperation of two packaging experts Fuji Seal and Optima, providing you pre-made spouted pouches as well as filling, capping and packaging. 

Fuji Seal has developed a special compact delivery system for the supply of pre-made spouted pouches and also an automatic feeding system to the filler.

OPTIMA is an expert in dosing, filling and capping liquid products.

OptiPouch System: An integrated system of pouch loading and filling equipment. The future of spouted pouches is to combine both competences in the OptiPouch System.
Spouted Pouches