Smart Solutions for E-Cigarettes

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Assembling, Filling and Packaging Solutions for E-Cigarettes

All Process steps from one Partner

E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular. Experts predict that the worldwide market for e-cigarettes will grow to over $43 billion in 2023 with an annual growth rate of approximately 15 percent. An innovative product like the e-cigarette requires equally innovative manufacturing processes. In addition, manual processes must be automated to increase capacities. This is why Optima developed flexible and modular machine solutions, covering the entire e-cigarette manufacturing process – from assembly and filling to closing. You decide which level of automation you need. 
Manual processes can be combined with fully automated ones, or even be completely replaced  at a later stage. As a turnkey supplier, Optima offers you all process steps in one place at the highest quality standards. Valuable synergy effects within the Optima group make this possible. Quality issues play a 
specific role with e-cigarettes. Cross-contamination is avoided by using removable filling modules. All parts are assembled in a fully automated way, so quality remains consistent. In addition, we check these with inline controls, so that your products will provide long-term satisfaction in the marketplace. 
Heater and Cartridge Assembly
Filling and Closing
Secondary Packaging
Tertiary Packaging and Palletizing