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Maximum protection. Complete security. Pharmaceutical filling systems, sealing systems, freeze-dry systems, isolator and containment technology. Optima Pharma is your partner for economic development and pinpoint implementation. Especially for complex turnkey projects.

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OPTIMA pharma processes your product according to your needs

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Everything from a single source. Developed specifically for customers. Pharmaceutical filling systems from Optima Pharma ensure flexibility, reliability, security and profitability in your production. Vials, bottles, syringes, carpules in nest or in bulk form and well plates for liquid and highly viscous pharmaceutical products are processed. The extensive spectrum of machines is perfectly complemented by innovative isolators from METALL+PLASTIC and freeze drying systems. This ensures that complex turn-key lines are made simple.

"Small batch sizes and different galenic forms require flexible production lines, which is why we developed the Optima MultiUse systems."
Jürgen Rothbauer, Managing Director (technology)

Current Insights

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Produce more efficiently and
more securely
Produce more efficiently and more securely

For Optima Pharma, from the very beginning digitalization has meant what we implement will create added value for you, our customers. We have developed a broad portfolio of digital solutions with this goal in mind. These solutions are used successfully in the initial systems. Optima has also undergone a massive upgrade in terms of cybersecurity. In the following article, read how pharmaceutical production has become more secure and more efficient in the areas of production data management, maintenance, operator guidance and knowledge transfer.

Catalent against COVID: A race against time
Catalent Against COVID: A Race Against Time

When the pharmaceutical industry started to research vaccines to fight COVID-19 in the spring of 2020, the concern that global manufacturing and packaging capacities would need to be increased arose almost simultaneously. At Catalent Pharma Solutions, a leading development and manufacturing partner to pharmaceutical companies, preparations began to boost vaccine production capabilities.


CSPE convinces in 
practical tests
The new CSPE Center in Schwäbisch Hall

CSPE reduces the time span between designing the system and the start of production. After numerous turnkey projects involving the use of the turbo booster, Gerhard Breu, Chairman of the Optima Pharma Division, takes stock and gives an insight into how CSPE will become even more effective in the future.


Flagship project for Bio-S strategy

The French pharmaceutical company Servier is expanding its business model. As it moves towards becoming a recognized player in oncology, as part of its BIO-S strategy it is investing in production capacities for biologics and small molecules. The greatest degree of flexibility possible is ensured by a MultiUse line that can fill injectable solutions into syringes and vials.

Technology transfer for diagnostics in China
Technology Transfer for Diagnostics in China

One vial, one filling material, one closure – done. But it is not always that simple. In fact, when diagnostic products from bioMérieux are filled, there are four very different media. In 2016, Optima Pharma has developed a specific production line for this. Because of the principle of "never changing a running system", the company has now decided to purchase a duplicate of this system for its Chinese production site in Suzhou.

Worldwide service

All-around service to ensure perfect and efficient packaging processes

Contact the Service Team

Our Service Team is available with information and useful tips if you have any questions about your machine.
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Our business hours:
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Our mission is to benefit you, our customer

Perfecting your packaging processes. Benefit from the experience Optima Pharma has to offer. To help with this, our Service Team is available to you with its extensive amounts of expertise and a wide scope of services. Your packaging processes will become even more efficient and economical—this also includes assured machine and system availability.

  • Perfecting your packaging processes
  • Service Team's expertise
  • Customer-oriented scope of services
  • Assured machine and system availability
  • Increasing productivity

Fast, flexible and extensive

Enjoy the benefits of fast processing and high-quality spare parts. The extensive spare parts inventory, the fast response for parts production and our tried-and-tested logistics system ensure this. Our ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction.

  • Excellent availability with extensive spare parts storage
  • Just-in-time parts production
  • Quick turnaround
  • Digital spare parts catalog

Reliability guaranteed

Regular maintenance and inspection helps prevent machine downtimes. This helps increase production reliability while simultaneously lowering costs. As a result, the service life of your system is increased. The Optima Service technicians' extensive experience ensures this. If you are in need of components, these are available in the most up-to-date levels of innovation and development.

  • Machine optimization / fine tuning
  • Spare parts acceptance / analysis / overhaul
  • Spare parts package / provision / storage optimization recommendation
  • Instruction / training / safety check
  • Recommendation for upgrades / conversion
  • Service consultation with machine status report

Worldwide online support

Almost like being on site. Direct communication using a modem or VPN. Machine and error states as well as parameter adjustments can be analyzed and adapted directly by the responsible service representative. Reliable and goal-oriented. Optima Pharma remote maintenance service.

  • Direct communication using a modem or VPN
  • Online analysis / adjustment of machines,
    Error states and parameter adjustments
  • Reliable and goal-oriented ways of finding solutions.

Situational training sessions

One-on-one training, group training or even seminars lasting multiple days and including theoretical and practical instruction are put together based on the requirements of your situation. Four levels of training that can be built upon one another and combined will enhance your employees' level of expertise. Training documents that have been developed on a customer-specific basis accompany the training sessions.

  • Obtain high levels of efficiency through highly trained employees
  • Minimized downtimes as a result of goal-oriented error analysis
  • Cost reduction as a result of targeted and preventive maintenance
  • Optimal production parameter setting
  • Minimized product loss
Training program

Basic knowledge

Participants get to know the basic functions and the functional principle of the machine. They are familiarized with the safety devices both in theory and in practice and trained in the operation of the machine. Basic knowledge of the machine control and format settings is taught.
Removing fault messages and identifying the associated causes, like carrying out simple maintenance work, are also included in basic training.


  • The participants do not need to meet certain prerequisites.
  • Target group: Operation / maintenance personnel
  • Duration: 1 – 3 days, depending on the system
  • Training documents: Operating manual

Learning objectives

  • Basic functions
  • Safety equipment
  • Machine function
  • Machine operation
  • Machine control system
  • Format settings
  • Fault messages
  • Simple maintenance work

Noticeable increase in productivity

The goal of the seminar is to provide measure to ensure seamless plant operation. The program management and the teaching of new formats is practiced in theory and in practical application, especially in the recipe and batch management (batch control center) of freeze-dry systems. Parameter optimization, error analysis and error remedy are all components of training. This ensures that a noticeable increase in productivity is achieved. The operation and function of the filling systems and control systems complete this part of the training program.


  • The participants need to have passed Level 1 - basics.
  • Target group: Operating personnel, system managers
  • Duration: 2 – 5 days, depending on the system
  • Customer-specific training documents

Learning objectives

  • Main functions of the system
  • Working with the control panels
  • Filling systems (function)
  • In-process check
  • Optimizing parameters
  • Program management
  • Basic recipes and orders
  • Teaching new formats
  • Error analysis and remedy


The participants receive the technical background knowledge that puts them in a position to create new programs and make fine-tuned adjustments independently in Level 3 of the practice seminar. The design and function of system-specific components are explained directly at the system. Maintenance work is implemented in a practical manner.


  • The participants require technical knowledge and need to have passed Level 1 - basics.
  • Target group: Technicians, maintenance and service personnel
  • Duration: can vary depending on the system
  • Customer-specific training documents

Learning objectives

  • Technical background knowledge
  • Getting to know the system-specific components
  • Detailed system layout
  • Creating new programs
  • Maintenance work
  • Fine tuning
  • Filling systems (technology)
  • Troubleshooting

Specialized knowledge for experts

In this seminar, the teaching of specialized knowledge is the clear emphasis. The participants are taught very specific material in a defined scope that is required in their everyday work. During this process, customer-specific features are of course also discussed. Here, users are trained in handling special software the same way they are trained with process knowledge, for example.


  • To a large extent, the participants are familiar with the plant technology.
  • Target group: System managers, technical personnel, electricians, programmers
  • Duration: can vary depending on the topic
  • Customer-specific training documents

Topic selection

  • Dosing systems
  • Electronics / software
  • Specialized knowledge (e.g. GT process)
  • Creating maintenance schedules
  • Creating SOPs
  • Process optimization
  • Automation training
  • etc.

We will gladly design a customized training program according to your needs. Get in touch with your contact person:

Alexander Herrmann
Phone: +49 791 9495-2703
Fax: +49 791 9495-2680

Download training brochure:

Download training brochure:
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Always up-to-date

Do you have new requirements for your system or production? The Optima Pharma Service Team has in-house capacities in design engineering and development. Experts update your systems flexibly, quickly and reliably.

Updates / Upgrades

  • The state of the art of technology for the system
  • Improved output and higher filling accuracy
  • Longer system life
Machine overhauls
  • 12-month guarantee
  • All wear parts are replaced
  • Optimal cost-benefit calculation
  • Replacement of parts, revision
  • Quality and performance
  • Control systems in accordance with current requirements
  • Complete reconstruction
  • Machine updating is integrated into our regular service network

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OPTIMA pharma

For uncompromising pharmaceutical applications

When it comes to manufacturing pharmaceutical products, there can simply be no compromises. Optima Pharma develops and builds filling, sealing and process equipment in accordance with this guiding principle. Its technology is used to process blood plasma products, vaccines, oncology and biotech products in prefilled syringes, vials, IV bottles and cartridges. Sterile and non-sterile liquid pharmaceuticals, diagnostic agents and their specific product characteristics combined with special customer requirements set the standard for what technology is implemented.

The core of the machines consists of dosing and sealing systems, complemented by additional functions and process equipment. Washing machines, sterilization tunnels, containment and freeze drying systems, automated loading/unloading and robotic handling complete the comprehensive turnkey product range. Optima Pharma specializes in flexibly carrying out complex turnkey projects – on time, and on budget. The division’s extensive certifications, the quality of its engineering and the rapid response times of its professional service departments around the globe ensure outstanding long-term equipment effectiveness for customers.

OPTIMA pharma GmbH is a member of the OPTIMA packaging group GmbH with headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall. Other subsidiaries operate in the fields Consumer, Nonwovens and Life Science. Founded in 1922, the family business employs a workforce of 3,000 at its sites in Germany and 13 locations abroad.