OPTIMA nonwovens – perfectly packaged hygiene products

Innovations. Machine flexibility. Reliability. These are the properties Optima Nonwovens has stood for years. The proof: The high performance capacity of the packaging machines is measurable in its output and efficiency.

Fields of Application

The packaging of paper hygiene articles has a name: OPTIMA nonwovens

Product fields Nonwovens - Home Care, Infant Care, Personal Care, End of line automation
"Our new service packages reinforce our market position.
Today and in the future."

Oliver Rebstock, Managing Director (Sales and Service)

Worldwide service

The comprehensive service program for OPTIMA nonwovens customers

Contact the Service Team

24-hour mobile support. Some problems just can't wait. That's why Optima service is available even outside regular business hours, providing support from expert specialists. 

Your benefits at a glance
  • Available around the clock - including weekends
  • Phone technical support 
  • Express part shipment within Europe (by courier or taxi)
Kurt Lanzendorfer
Phone: +49 791 506-1838

24-hour phone service 
+49 791 506-0 or +49 7333 808-513
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Start of production made easy

Optima Nonwovens service makes it possible. The installation and start-up of complex production systems require specialized expertise. Accordingly, experienced service specialists provide support that gets your machines producing quickly and efficiently

Your benefits at a glance

  • Your packaging machine is set up by highly trained specialists
  • Adaption of the in-house "Engineering 4.0 start-up" at your production facility
  • Personal on site contact person with flexible support packages
    (3 weeks – 3 years)
  • Production support: Fast solutions for any problems that occur
  • Product-specific adjustment of the machine for ideal production quality
  • Validation during production
  • Site Acceptance Test
OPTIMA nonwovens Service - Installation and Start Up

Acknowledge – Analyze – Apply

Optima Nonwovens' individualized range of training programs is based on a customized evaluation to ensure that it meets your employees' training needs optimally.
The Optima training courses are fine-tuned to complement each other ideally and are documented for maximum ease of use. The objective is for participants to acquire theoretical and practical skills for the respective skills and safety guidelines for your specific machines. The training is planned taking your personnel and machine availability into account—fully custom tailored.

Customized programs as a refreshment or development course

  • Operator Training
  • Process Expert Training
  • Electrical Training
  • Software Training
  • Maintenance & Repair

Technical expertise for your organization

In the maintenance and auditing areas, you receive support from highly trained employees with many years of experience. Optima technicians plan and carry out the maintenance activities.
The recommendations include both preventive machine maintenance and individual inspections that offer the greatest possible level of reliability and protection from production failures. Carefully documented and enhanced with options for a further course of action, the systematic analyses in the areas of process optimization, maintenance, health and repair form a well-founded basis for future decisions. This all-inclusive, hassle-free package lets you concentrate on what is most important—your production.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduce unplanned downtime and boost efficiency
  • Increase the service life expectancy of the machine
  • Optimize the process with the long-term presence of our employees
  • Comprehensive documentation of maintenance and auditing
  • Continuous improvement through individual inspection and maintenance contracts
OPTIMA nonwovens Service - Inspection and repairs

Reliable and just-in-time

Digital spare parts catalogs and material lists make it easy to identify the components you need. From upgrades, repairs to original equipment for your newly purchased machine - you receive comprehensive consultation and a customized quote for the recommended spare parts.
  • Original parts with functional guarantee
  • Suitable parts for reliable production and high performance
  • High availability of all common spare parts in Schwäbisch Hall from the regional service support points
  • 80% of all parts can be supplied within 3 days
  • Inspection
  • Extensive audit reports
  • Condition monitoring
  • Everything for better planning of procurement
  • Minimizing inventories
  • All parts available in a timely manner for planned maintenance activities
  • Highest performance from professional logistics partners
  • Shipment tracking via web access to current status information
  • Electronic spare parts catalogs
  • Simple navigation
  • Fast and accurate identification of needed parts
  • Definition of which maintenance actions are required and where
  • Criteria for assessing the condition of parts
  • Potential spare parts and repair kits
  • Instructions for carrying out repairs

Exceeding your expectations

Improvements, renovations and used machines. Solution approaches customized to your needs - equipping you to keep pace with the increasing requirements of global markets and the fast pace of your industry for the long term. It could not be easier to convert, overhaul or modernize Optima Nonwovens machines.

  • Customized modernization solutions for continuous further development
  • Replacement of outdated control technologies 
  • Adaptation to current safety regulations  
  • Replacement of specific components that are no longer available on the market
  • Increase machine service life with machine overhaul or complete renovation concepts
  • Design engineering and on-time delivery of new format parts
  • Optimization of format change parts and processes
  • Increase productivity and efficiency 
  • Expand your application areas
  • Relocation of your Optima packaging machines
  • Adaptation to the new requirements
  • Integration at the new location
  • Interesting alternative
  • Brought up to the state of the art by experts
  • Includes full Optima warranty

Total Care Asset Management

TCAM describes a continuous improvement process for productivity. This requires close collaboration between the customer and Optima in all fields of activity in maintenance and production.

Objectives of TCAM

  • Increased system efficiency

  • Lower costs in the production area

  • Storage and provision of information and manuals

  • Electronic support for maintenance schedules and confirmations

  • Find components and part numbers quickly

Total Care Asset Tool

TCAT is a digitized information tool. 
Digital, three-dimensional and interactive visualization takes on a key role, both when searching for information and when making it available.

Objectives of TCAT

  • Makes finding and displaying relevant information faster and easier

  • Information is always available at the right place

  • Link component information with maintenance plans and maintenance tasks

  • Satisfied and motivated employees

Total Condition Assessment Package

TCAP is a central module of TCAM.
Electronics and sensors make up a Condition Monitoring System of the machine that works continuously.

Objectives of TCAP

  • Makes finding and displaying relevant information faster and easier

  • Information is always available at the right place

  • Link component information with maintenance plans and maintenance tasks

  • Satisfied and motivated employees

Solve the problem wherever you are

For communication with customers, Optima Nonwovens uses the Virtual Private Network (VPN) protocol. This encrypted connection prevents third parties from viewing or accessing the communications. The benefits include lower costs, higher data security and constantly evolving encryption methods.

Optima Nonwovens service is thus capable of communicating immediately with your system. Regardless of where your machine is located. Using teleservice, the data are transmitted online directly from your machine to Optima Nonwovens customer service, saving you valuable time. Buy or lease? Decide which service package is right for you.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Secure data connection

  • Convenient installation

  • Support provided wherever you are

  • Fast and professional support via teleservice

  • Online troubleshooting & correction

  • Installation of upgrades

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World of Wipes

WOW - World of Wipes 2022

New York
6/27/22 - 6/30/22
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Pack Expo

Pack Expo 2022
PharmaNonwovensConsumerLife ScienceMetall+Plastic

10/23/22 - 10/26/22
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Hygienix 2022

New Orleans
11/14/22 - 11/17/22
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Index 2023

4/18/23 - 4/21/23
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OPTIMA nonwovens

Cutting-edge technology for paper hygiene

Optima Nonwovens develops leading-edge technologies for packaging paper hygiene articles. The company’s systems cover the complete range of the automated packaging process, from the intake of products to pallets ready for shipment. Products include diapers, sanitary napkins, bathroom tissue rolls and wet wipes. In addition to high-volume systems, the product range also includes machines of small to medium capacity. Boasting impressive format flexibility, the systems are able to process everything from small packages to jumbo packs on a single machine, in accordance with the increasingly diverse product variations and requirements of the international markets. Inspection functions and secondary packaging capabilities are integrated to achieve automated complete lines. Optima Nonwovens actively employs state-of-the-art engineering technologies in its development and project planning, including virtual process simulation. This together with the company’s close collaboration with customers, its unsurpassed engineering quality and the quick response times of its professional service departments around the globe ensure outstanding long-term equipment effectiveness.

OPTIMA nonwovens GmbH is a member of the OPTIMA packaging group GmbH with headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall. Other subsidiaries operate in the fields Pharma, Consumer and Life Science. Founded in 1922, the family business employs a workforce of 2,800 at its sites in Germany and 20 locations abroad.