Packaging Pioneers: OPTIMA at INDEX 2017

OPTIMA nonwovens at Index 2017

Project ZERO with pioneering spirit

It’s a premiere: Optima is presenting under the motto "Packaging Pioneers" a genuine pioneering feat with its "Project ZERO". The technology of the future is ringing in a new era of production flexibility. This machine perfectly adapts to the requirements with optimized format change time, a new stacker for feminine care products and a platform with a completely modular design. The operator specifies designs and data, the machine handles the rest. The different packagings are produced "inline". Furthermore, new sensor technology leads to process stability that is once again significantly increased. Project Zero is forward-looking and will be presented for the first time live at INDEX 2017.
At the Optima Nonwovens booth, INDEX visitors will also experience the future of HMI (Human Machine Interface). Soon customers will have the choice: Which HMI hardware to work with? How should the HMIbe adapted to the specific needs of the user? We have in store a radical technical change in hardware and functionality that will increase the efficiency in system operation. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, today's users are accustomed to intuitive and clearly arranged interfaces for operating devices. New HMIs take up these developments, but are adapted to the industrial environment and expanded with essential features.
Three years ago at INDEX this was still just a vision, but today it is already a firmly entrenched part of the service we offer. With TCAM from Optima, a digital tool is available that uses sensors to analyze the condition of packaging systems and provide advanced notice of the need for maintenance while also accelerating the flow of information. All information about components such as operating manuals, circuit diagrams and much more are directly available at the systems in digital form. At INDEX, Optima Nonwovens will be using TCAM to process a simulated service case live.

OPTIMA nonwovens at INDEX 2017 (Geneva, Switzerland):
April 4 to 7, Hall 2, Booth No. 2581

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