OPTIMA honors thirty-nine employees

OPTIMA honors thirty-nine employees, group picture
On December 1, 2017 honorees and recently retired employees met at the Hotel Hohenlohe for a joint celebration. Hans Bühler (CEO of Optima) welcomed long-time employees in his function as vice president of the chamber of commerce. Additional guests joining the celebration were mayor Hermann-Josef Pelgrim, Sebastian Henke (HR Director) and Sabine Gauger (Marketing Director).
A special thank you goes to Christa Ellinger for the organization and preparation of the festivities. "We all miss my mother Melitta Bühler today. She felt very strongly about the recognition of employees and she was always present during these ceremonies," remembered Hans Bühler. He thanked each of the 21 employees that celebrated their twenty-five-year anniversary in 2017 personally with a certificate and the Optima silver medal.

Mayor Hermann-Josef Pelgrimm and Hans Bühler jointly recognized the following employees for forty years with Optima: Andreas Heier, Roland Kern and Dieter Klenk. Hans Bühler presented each employee with a certificate and a gold medal - which is only presented for special accomplishments. Mayor Pelgrim was taking stock of the last forty years. "Many things changed in world politics and in the industry. Now we are embarking on a new serious change. Industry 4.0 and the digitalization will transform the world. This will bring new opportunities- also for the city of Schwäbisch Hall," explained Pelgrim. "I am happy to present you with a certificate of the state of Baden-Württemberg - signed by the state minister Winfried Kretschmann - for forty years with the company," Pelgrim said during his speech.
Chairman of the works committee, Angelika Jung, handed each honoree a separate envelope and conveyed the congratulations of the works committee.

In his speech, Hans Bühler emphasized how important long-time employees are and recognized that they are an important part in the success story of the company. "As we stand here today, we can be proud of our accomplishments. With your contribution, we are well known and respected in the industry and therefore you receive my highest gratitude, respect and thanks," said Hans Bühler. He wished the fifteen retirees health and well-being and the realization of longtime wishes for which they now might have the time.
Volunteer work might be a good opportunity to apply oneself into society. All retirees are warmly welcomed to the retiree meetings. Another anniversary was celebrated during the last retiree meeting - it was the sixtieth meeting of former Optima colleagues for a friendly gathering.

25-year work anniversaries were celebrated by:
Stefan Gremm, Sigrid Hintz, Michael Karabanowski, Gerold Kästle, Michael Klötzer, Albrecht Kotzel, Dieter Kränzlein, Armin Kuhn, Fritz Meißner, Harald Mittnacht, Martin Roth, Klaus-Dienter Rühle, Rainer Schenkel, Edwin Schiele, Gerald Thomas, Gerhard Vielmetter, Faruk Vural, Alfred Weihbrecht, Michael Wittmann, Michael Witzsche, Jens Wrobel

Forty-year work anniversaries were celebrated by:
Dieter Klenk, Roland Kern, Andreas Heier (from left to right). 
In addition on the picture:  Hans Bühler (left) as well as Mayor Hermann-Josef Pelgrim (right).

Forty-year work anniversaries 2017

The retirees are:
Mathias Arz, Felix Bronner, Gerhard Däuber, Hans Engelhardt, Sigrid Feuchter, Hubert Ganzera, Walter Haaf, Hans-Peter Haiber, Werner Hess, Karl Perchthaler, Hans Rether, Gerald Thomas, Raimund Ulmer, Renate Ulmer, Heinz Unfried

Group picture:

OPTIMA honors thirty-nine employees, group picture

On the right side (from left to right): Mayor Hermann-Josef Pelgrim, Sebastian Henke (behind), Hans Bühler